Mental Wellbeing In Education

Many young people in Oldham feel that poor mental health and wellbeing is a barrier to learning. Many of these children and young people do not meet the threshold for clinical intervention but still have issues significant enough to impact their education.

Many pupils in Oldham need to develop strong and coping skills to increase their resilience and wellbeing. In our first 3 years, we funded a mental wellbeing team made up of mental and physical health professionals. This team delivers a borough-wide approach to boosting mental wellbeing in schools.

Our Fifth Year Project Priorities

In our fifth year of operation, we will build on our mental wellbeing in education projects by extending our resilience programme to include parents. We will also continue to work with the schools that have already completed our training, and provide an online mental health portal for schools. We will focus on:

Building an ethos within schools where supporting positive mental wellbeing in education is a visible priority

Helping all education settings deliver a health curriculum that meets the statutory RSE and health guidance

Organising a conference to bring stakeholders together to network and share good practice 

Ensuring a comprehensive selected interventions offer is available for settings to commission

Making sure OBS is aligned with the local offer for children and young people and is sustained and embedded within the wider system

Working with identified settings to provide reflective supervision for key members of staff.

Creating a supportive school workforce that is confident in discussing mental health in education

Supporting children and young people to manage their mental health and issues, making it easier for them to study

Encouraging parents in Oldham to become resilience champions and to support other parents

Ensuring all education settings are aware of the Oldham School Brokerage service (OBS) website.


Encouraging local providers to work together and enhance their offers to meet the needs of the children and young people of Oldham

Working with settings to train staff to offer peer supervision and support the wellbeing of the education workforce.