Ready For Life

Preparing Oldham's Children For Life, Learning & Work With Post 16 Options In Oldham

We need to understand young people’s lives better to ensure children and young adults are taking advantage of the post 16 options in Oldham. If we are aware of the factors that limit their resilience, we can provide the support needed to learn, achieve, and progress into higher education or employment opportunities. Data, for Oldham and in general, suggests there is a link between mental health issues and performance in the classroom.

We aim to ensure every school has a robust mental health plan and named mental health lead. This will provide support and training for educators, increase capacity for those providing mental health services to schools, and support children when looking to enter later education stages or employment.

Mental Health in Education

This project’s aim is to ensure all schools in Oldham deliver a mental health curriculum that helps children and young people develop resilience and increase their wellbeing. We will support children and young people with increased resilience and coping skills which will positively impact their wellbeing. 

Progression into Higher Education 

Higher education is one of the more popular post 16 options in Oldham. Progression data shows that learners in Oldham have increasingly progressed into higher education in recent years but there is still work to be done to ensure higher education is as accessible as possible for all young people.

To increase the awareness and aspirations to study at highly selective or higher tariff universities, we will work with Uni Connect. Together, we will invite four schools to select twelve of their most able, gifted or talented learners from Year 9 or 10. These students will receive enhanced support on their journey into high-quality higher education.

Progression into Employment 

We want to ensure that employment opportunities are a post 16 option in Oldham. Through working with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and Oldham Enterprise Trust, we aim to inspire, connect and educate young people from Oldham and provide them with the skills needed for work. We will provide opportunities to some of Oldham’s most disadvantaged young people, helping them to:

  • Develop digital and entrepreneurial skills
  • Navigate routes into education and employment
  • Learn about becoming self-employed.

Step Into The Future With Post 16 Options In Oldham

In 2022, Year 11 school leavers could have an anxious time. The impact of COVID has disrupted their learning and they face increased uncertainty around their GCSE results. Our young people have missed valuable development time with their peers, time which helps them to develop maturity and preparedness for their future. There will be likely be an impact on their mental health, wellbeing, and optimism.

We will offer a bridging curriculum to prepare 2022 Year 11 leavers for life after school It will enable them to feel confident, equipped, resilient and motivated to achieve the best outcomes at school, and able to make a successful transition into higher education or employment. 

Clinical Supervision For Key School Staff 

We care about the emotional impact work can have on school staff, particularly those with high levels of responsibility in safeguarding roles. One of our goals is to improve the wellbeing of staff working with the most vulnerable children in the borough, helping them to better support young people with mental health needs. 

This support will be provided in three parts by: 

  • Providing external clinical supervision to key staff 
  • Training staff to utilise supervision skills within their  workplace
  • Working with a targeted group of schools to support them in embedding supervision skills within their setting