EHMW Projects

The Oldham Opportunity Area is delivering a number of projects to support the emotional health and mental well-being of our young people and school staff:

Whole School Approach

The Oldham Whole School Approach is a framework that offers practical guidance to schools and colleges to support development of their knowledge and skills.  The framework aims to help prevent minor problems growing into something more serious and long-term.  Embedding a whole school approach can increase staff well-being and has also been shown to have a positive impact on pupil behaviour, attendance and attainment.  

In Oldham, the implementation of the Whole School Approach is supported by the Mental Well-being Team.  Each school in Oldham has an allocated advisor from within this team. They can work with settings to address individual needs and to support on the implementation of the framework. This may be through consultation, curriculum planning support or training. You can find more information on the Mental Well-being Team and how to contact them on our EHMW People page.

For more detail on the Whole School Approach framework, visit the EHMW Resources section of this site.

Online tool for well-being services

When schools need to access specialist support for their students for issues on any area of mental well-being or emotional health, there is a wide range of service providers to choose from.  This can be confusing for schools who need to be able to access the right kind of help.  We have launched a new online tool that gathers all the providers together in one place, making it easier for schools to get the help they need.  The tool has been developed in partnership with ABL Health and went live in January 2020.

Our Minds, Our Voices

The Oldham Opportunity Area has provided funding towards the Our Minds, Our Voices consultation, which took place in Summer 2019.  The purpose of this consultation was to make sure that mental wellbeing support in the borough’s schools is designed and carried out with the needs of our young people at its core.  Over 3000 young people in Oldham took part in the consultation.  

Schools and colleges play a vital role in identifying mental health needs at an early stage but things such as the use of social media, pressure of exams and bullying can impact on the mental wellbeing of young people in school.  Young peoples’ views on these challenges and others are explored in the report along with the support that pupils can access. What’s clear from the report is the honesty of our young people and their strong desire to stay involved in the future development of the support available in their schools through collaboration with school and local leaders.

Visit the OMOV evaluation page to view a copy of the full report and information on next steps.

School staff well-being support

This project will help provide our school leaders and teachers with the support and skills they need when coping with difficult and challenging situations in the workplace.  Equipping our school staff to manage their own wellbeing and resilience will help them to better support our young people at school.  

Let’s push education forward together.