Conflict of Interest

Members of the Oldham Opportunity Area Partnership Board are asked annually to provide details of any personal or business interests in the last five years which may influence, or be perceived to influence, their judgement. Where a conflict of interest could arise during the course of a Board meeting, the Board member concerned is invited by the Chair to leave the room. These occasions are recorded in the action and decision log for each meeting.

Recorded in the action and decision log:

13.09.2018 Jayne Clarke declared a conflict of interest in item 7: Disadvantaged boys project, and recused herself from the decision process.
26.06.2019 Antony Hughes declared a conflict of interest in item 8 Harmony/Kingfisher SEND Proposal, and recused himself from the decision process.

Ongoing declarations of personal and business interests:

James Kempton Sept 2019

Raz Mohammed Sept 2019

Antony Hughes Sept 2019

Helen Lockwood Sept 2019

Dr Cathy Hamer Sept 2019

Craig Dean Sept 2019

Clare Hutchinson Sept 2019

Jayne Clarke Sept 2019

Cllr Shaid Mustaq Sept 2019

Dr Jo Pearson Sept 2019

Partnership Board meeting attendance

PB Member 03-Oct-19 04-Dec-19 05-Feb-20 27-Apr-20 25-Jun-20
James Kempton Chair
Antony Hughes
Dr Cathy Hamer Apologies
Clare Hutchinson
Craig Dean
Helen Lockwood Apologies
Jayne Clarke Apologies
Dr Jo Pearson
Nicola McLeod
Raz Mohammed
Cllr Shaid Mushtaq
Vicky Beer Apologies