What Is The Oldham Opportunity Area?

About us

Building a bright future & supporting children in Oldham, no matter their background.

When the OA programme started in 2017, Oldham ranked 294th out of 324 districts in the social mobility index, and 34th most deprived out of 326 areas in England in the 2015 index of multiple deprivation. Too many children and young people in Oldham were falling behind and vulnerable pupils often saw the least progress.

What We Do

Oldham Opportunity Area is one of 12 OAs formed by the government to break the link between a child’s background and where they get in life. The OA brings together national and local government, education leaders, teachers, voluntary organisations, and employers. The aim is to support children in Oldham by raising local education standards and providing every child and young person in Oldham with the chance to reach their full potential.

We do this with a range of projects designed to reach out and engage with children as well as families and  educators. We focus on creating events and opportunities, and using up-to-date technology to ensure children, families and education professionals can engage with the work we do.

By supporting children in Oldham, our goal is to ensure that child and young person can go as far as their talents and potential can take them. We collaborate with partners across schools, further and higher education settings throughout Oldham to

Raise school standards and attainment by supporting a new system-led school improvement model.

Improve outcomes in early years by ensuring all children are ready for school by the age of 5

Support vulnerable learners; in particular, for their emotional health and mental wellbeing

Engage with young people to raise aspirations and signpost to services

Create progression pathways into higher education and employment

Supporting Children In Oldham With Future Funding

We are thrilled to announce that the Department for Education has confirmed an additional year of funding for the opportunity area programme, this will run until August 2022. This is great news for Oldham, and we will continue to support children in Oldham. For information on how we spend our funding please refer to our financial reports.

Finance reports

Meet The Board

We are managed by an independent board of leaders and educational experts from Oldham, Greater Manchester and beyond. Each member of the board is passionate about improving outcomes for children in the area and they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Our board

Further Information

For more information on our current projects what we have achieved so far, please visit the news section of our website.  You can find information on our past projects in our evaluation reports section.