The Oldham Insight School is born

We are delighted to announce the creation of the Oldham Insight School!

The Oldham Insight School aims to provide Oldham’s school leaders and teachers with practical findings from some of the Opportunity Area (OA) projects. The research they publish will help inform schools about what parts of the OA projects they can use and how. Also, the reports and case studies they produce will support understanding of the impact of the OA work.

The Insight School is a collaboration between three of Oldham’s Teaching Schools. Each has committed a senior member of staff to work for the Insight School.

The Teaching Schools and staff members are:

  • Harmony Trust Teaching School Alliance (Mel Eccles)
  • Oasis Innovation Teaching School Alliance (Robert Caudwell)
  • St Chad’s Teaching School Alliance (Jo Appleyard)

Dr Claire Forbes from the University of Manchester joins them in September 2019 as the school’s Researcher in Residence

One research project is already underway, with the official launch of the Insight School in September 2019. More information about the Insight School will be out in August. Follow us on Twitter (@OldhamOA) for the latest news.

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