Event: Oldham aspirant school leaders

Despite continuing challenges and levels of accountability, school leadership remains a vibrant, life fulfilling role. Areas like Oldham need even more great leaders, and secondary, primary and special schools in Oldham are working closely with each other
to promote a greater sense of ambition and optimism amongst the workforce and make leadership of learning in Oldham schools sustainable in the long term.

As part of this strategy there is a twilight event on Wednesday 12th June at The White Hart in Lydgate. The event will be attended by aspirant leaders along with head teacher colleagues (ideally each leader will bring their HT) where delegates will hear from existing heads and sign up to be part of an Aspirant Leader data base. This will lead to Aspirant Leaders having opportunities for leadership coaching and being the first to hear of relevant job opportunities that may be available locally.

It should be stressed that such opportunities (promotions, secondments, job swaps etc.) will only be realised with the agreement of all parties. This work is intended to encourage leadership development for colleagues who volunteer to take part. Colleagues will need to be proactive in pursuing opportunities, this initiative is funded by the Opportunity Area and enables us to create a space in which we can encourage aspiration and opportunity

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