Welcome to Oldham Opportunity Area

Improving Opportunity Through Education

Welcome to Oldham Opportunity Area, one of twelve OAs created to ensure all children are given the chance to reach their full potential.

What We’re Doing

We are collaborating with partners across Oldham’s schools, early years settings and further and higher education settings to build a bright future for local children. We’re focused on preparing young children to be ready for education and on helping older pupils to prepare for life.

We aim to ensure all children are ready for school by the age of five, to provide emotional wellbeing support for vulnerable  learners, and to engage with young people to create ways into higher education or employment. 

Ready For School

We’re on a mission to ensure all children are ready for school by the age of 5.

Since the founding of the Opportunity Area programme, we’ve seen the good level of development achievement rate increase to 68.1% (in 2019). The Opportunity Area has supported this achievement through a series of projects we have either organised or funded. Use the link below to discover what other projects are currently live or we have our pipeline.

Ready For Life

We’re helping children and young people prepare for life, learning and work.

We aim to equip Oldham’s children and young people with the skills and support needed to progress into higher education or find suitable employment opportunities. This will be done with a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing in the post-Covid era. Use the link below to read more about the projects we have planned.

See How We’re Doing

Please refer to our Ready for School and Ready for Life pages to learn about individual projects. You can also find out what insights we’re learning about our completed projects on our evaluation reports section.

Evaluation reports

Meet The Board

Meet the members of the OA team who are responsible for governance.  

Our board

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